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Meniu de navigare Botulinum toxin Botulinum toxin type H is the eighth type types A-G being the first seven to be detailed by scientists; the naturally occurring toxin can lead to botulism in humans, a rare illness that causes paralysis and can be fatal.

An unprecedented but necessary decision People suffering from botulism are generally treated with antibodies, but botulinum toxin have yet to develop anything that's effective against Botulinum toxin type H. Usually, a new toxin's DNA sequence would be added to a public recette jus detox thermomix, but as there's no effective treatment, there are worries type H could be utilized in a biological attack.

Because of this, and after speaking with numerous US government bodies, the team that made the discovery has taken the unprecedented decision to keep the toxin's DNA sequence secret.

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A report on type H was also published in incomplete form to prevent anyone from attempting to weaponize the toxin. It's worth stressing that, despite its extreme toxicity, the danger to the public without human interference is very low, and withholding the botulinum toxin from public databases only improves safety.

The fear that someone may plan a biological attack is not without merit, botulinum toxin, as the Japanese terrorist group Aum Shinrikyo unsuccessfully attempted an attack using botulinum toxin in the '90s.

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Community reaction has been positive, but there are fears a new precedent has been set As NPR detailsthe reaction from the scientific community has generally been positive. Just one more thing!

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