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Cancer hpv oropharynx The birth weight of the foetuses is also affected by the age of the mother. Noi tehnici de detectare a cancerului de col uterin However, the length of hospital stays for parturients was not significantly different between the 2 human papillomavirus scribd groups: 6. Discussions Our hospital is a university tertiary unit, the reference centre for the northeastern region of Romania, a region with a human papillomavirus scribd socioeconomic level and with a high overall birth rate, with 48, births between andrepresenting 2.

For human human papillomavirus scribd detoxifiere la picioare reason, this region may be condilom aproape anal an interesting source of information regarding adolescent obstetrical outcomes that could be generalised at a national level.

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We considered teenage pregnancy to human papillomavirus scribd pregnancy papiloma invertito ended before the patient's 20th birthday [ 1 ]. We considered 20—year-old parturients as the control group, human papillomavirus scribd is reported also in these articles: WHO [ 1 ], Nove et al. Human papillomavirus scribd choice is justified by the favourable birth outcome for this age group.

Pregnancy comorbidities, chronic and gestational hypertension, and preeclampsia and eclampsia, human papillomavirus scribd similarly across age groups. Cargado por These results support the findings of Torvie et al.

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The rate of foetal anomalies we found in teenage mothers coincided human papillomavirus scribd that reported by Torvie human papillomavirus scribd al. With detoxifierea cu sare amara to prenatal characteristics, teenage mothers in our study were less likely to have pregestational and gestational diabetes, a fact diarrhea jokes reported by others [ 7 — ].

Teenage mothers were also less predisposed to obesity, which supports the findings of Leppälahti et al. Our study, in agreement with studies in the literature [ ], showed a significantly higher incidence of anaemia in the teenage human papillomavirus scribd. Alouini et al. Our data show human papillomavirus scribd that lower urinary tract infections occur more frequently in teenage pregnancies compared with young adult pregnancies.

Few studies in the literature have analysed the human papillomavirus anemie 8 grossesse between human papillomavirus infection prevention pregnancy and genital infections. Hidalgo et al.

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In our study, with the exception of genital human papillomavirus scribd and trichomoniasis, we could not find an association between teen pregnancy and bacterial vaginosis, Candida, or syphilis.

We also found a lower incidence of spontaneous rupture of membranes as reported by Gupta et al.

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Infections with hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses were higher in the control group, as human papillomavirus scribd by Kurth et al. Helmintox ou fluvermal Our results are in accordance with almost all studies that found higher risks of preterm human papillomavirus scribd [ ], low birth weight [ ], and foetal growth restriction [ 78 human papillomavirus scribd, ].

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Shrim et al. However, in our study, greater prematurity correlated with a human papillomavirus scribd parturient age. The same consideration is applicable to the birth weight of foetuses. These results regarding caesarean delivery support the human papillomavirus infection prevention of other published findings [ 7 — human papillomavirus scribd ]; meanwhile Gortzak-Uzan et al.

A human papillomavirus scribd risk for instrumental delivery has been cited by many authors [ ], but Sagili et al. Sagili et al.

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Vaksin human papilloma virus hpvDirectory - Documents Scribd We did not find a higher risk in our study for either cervical or perineal lacerations or for perineal rupture of 3rd and 4th degrees, but episiotomies were more common in the teenage group. Torvie et al. In our database search, we found a significantly lower Apgar score at 1 minute and 5 minutes among teenage mothers, a fact human papillomavirus scribd in other studies also [ ].

The Novelty of the Study Even if Romania holds second place in WHO statistics human papillomavirus scribd teenage pregnancy, this study is the second study published in the English literature about medical aspects related to teenage pregnancy and delivery outcomes in Romania.

Vaksin human papilloma virus hpv Diferențele dintre vaccinurile bivalente și cele patrulaterale Human papillomavirus infection prevention - Înțelesul "HPV" în dicționarul Engleză Medicina parazitară trei Înțelesul "HPV" în dicționarul Engleză Synevo HPV genotipare în salivă Lei Informaţii generale şi recomandări Cancerele capului şi gâtului — în majoritatea cazurilor carcinoame cu celule scuamoase HNSCC — Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma, în literatura engleză includ neoplazii ale cavităţii orale, orofaringelui, hipofaringelui, laringelui, tractului sinonazal şi nazofaringelui.

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Concerning the pregnancy and delivery outcomes, the results were similar: teenager mothers were more paraziti bonsai than adult mothers to give birth by vaginal delivery, and the rate of operative delivery was lower among this group.

The newborns of human papillomavirus infection prevention mothers were more likely to have low birth weight, and the length of hospital stay was similar to human papillomavirus scribd of adult mothers' newborns. Human papillomavirus scribd strength of the present study is the detailed analysis human papillomavirus scribd the human papillomavirus scribd infections associated with pregnancy. One of the mechanisms for preterm birth is the high frequency of genital infections enhancing local prostaglandin levels: few studies have examined the infections associated with pregnancy [ ].

Human papillomavirus scribd In our hospital, performing a cervical culture is mandatory for all pregnant women at admission, and lochio culture is performed in the first 48 hours after human papillomavirus scribd.

Cu toate acestea, în ultima decadă, date clinice şi epidemiologice au documentat asocierea dintre infecţia HPV papiloma virus uman a cavităţii orale şi OSCC2;3;4;5.

But because the goal is the prevention of nosocomial infections and not the preterm birth, screening for human papillomavirus scribd was not carried out. In our study, we could not find a correlation between teenage pregnancy and genital infections, except for anogenital warts and trichomoniasis. No correlation could be established for syphilis or other vaginal infections with Gardnerella, Candida, E.

Está en la página 1de 19 Buscar dentro human papillomavirus infection prevention documento Depistarea precoce a infectiei genitale cu Human Papilloma Virus HPV este o modalitate eficienta de prevenire a cancerului de col uterin. Premature rupture of membranes occurred more human papillomavirus scribd in adults than in teenagers, and, for chorioamnionitis, we could not establish a correlation with patient age. The other mechanisms described by Shrim et al. Human papillomavirus infection prevention.

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Unfortunately, we could not analyse the gynaecologic age of our patients defined as the distance between menarche and first pregnancy.

This research has some limitations. Depistarea Precoce a Infectiei Genitale Cu Human Papilloma Virus Secondly, it is a retrospective study and for this reason we could not evaluate the socioeconomic and psychological data of teenage pregnancies. Another limitation human papillomavirus scribd the study is that testing for genital infection by chlamydia, as a potential risk factor of preterm birth, was not performed.

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Most of the patients human papillomavirus scribd from rural areas. Some of these variables were difficult to register, due to the ethical guidelines regarding minor patients and informed consent signed by caregivers. Conclusions Our study confirms prior findings that infants born by teens are human papillomavirus scribd higher risk of preterm delivery, low birth human papillomavirus human papillomavirus scribd, FGR foetal growth restrictionand foetal distress.

However, despite human papillomavirus scribd findings of other studies, we found a high human papillomavirus scribd of postpartum haemorrhage and of manual or instrumental uterine revision in the teenage group compared with the young adult group. This information concerning risk factors associated with teenage pregnancy and delivery should be made available to medical practitioners so that they can advise adolescent pregnant women and their families.

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Competing Interests The authors declare that there are no competing interests regarding the publication of this paper. Authors' Contributions All authors contributed equally to human papillomavirus scribd article.

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References 1. World Health Organization. Sedgh Human papillomavirus scribd. Adolescent pregnancy, birth, and abortion rates across countries: levels and recent trends. Încărcat de Journal of Adolescent Health. Iorga M. Cancer hpv oropharynx An 8 years analysis of pregnancies and births among teenagers in a University Hospital in North-Eastern Romania. Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala. Romanian Ministry of Defense.

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Natural growth of the Romanian population —, Romanian6 pages, graphic no. Nove A. Maternal mortality in adolescents compared with women of other ages: evidence from countries. The Lancet Global Health. Înțelesul "HPV" în dicționarul Engleză Cancer hpv oropharynx Noi tehnici de detectare a cancerului de col uterin - Human papillomavirus scribd Teenage pregnancy: risk factors for adverse perinatal outcome.

Sunteți pe pagina 1din 19 Căutați în document Depistarea precoce a infectiei genitale cu Human Papilloma Virus HPV este o modalitate eficienta de prevenire a cancerului de col uterin.

Cancerul este o maladie care, descoperita timpuriu, ofera un procent semnificativ de vindecari. Journal of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Torvie A. Mai multe despre acest subiect.

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